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Why Businesses Fail to Grow Fast

Growth Marketing System

Fast Growth With Sales Chocolate

What our clients say

Neil is a genuine and honest person who is willing to go the extra mile to understand your needs and help you. I had had an awesome experience when dealing with Neil. For us, Nitin is like a family member who has always cared for everyone and been supportive in meeting our requirements. There’s only one name that will be in my mind when I need help for anything to do with property in the future" Nandita K.

Nandita K.

"Neil’s experience in the real estate industry puts him heads and shoulders above others. From exploring a client’s journey, identifying breakthrough ideas, helping design high-converting websites to developing systems and pathways for achieving goals…he’s your man. Nitin played a major role in helping us setting sales process and customer journey in our business in Auckland." Emenuwal C

Emenuwal C

- 3C Homes

"We were hesitant to hire Neil at first but he soon earned our trust with his hard work and we found his marketing strategies were converting in real time. The way he branded & marketed our project, helped us to achieve our goals quickly. He worked with us until we were 100% happy with the results and even after the work was done, he followed up with personal touch. I love his approach.

Gagan Deep G

- Ihomes previously known as KASA homes Aggarwal Developments Limited

Why Building Industry Practitioners Fail to Grow Fast

Every business owner faces challenges in their day-to-day lives and makes many important decisions throughout the day. Although they typically share similar goals, tasks such as providing services, hiring the right people, making payroll, filing taxes and providing remarkable customer service, take up most of their time.

Business growth activities often get ignored, don’t get the attention they deserve or aren’t implemented.

What’s more, home builders, renovators and trades practitioners often fail to grow to the next level in their business. Here’s why….

Lack of a Unique Positioning Strategy

With several options to consider, your ideal prospects will struggle to decide who deserves their money, time and trust.

Making the right choice becomes difficult for customers who don’t have the skills to determine what separates one business from another.

Creating a distinct identity and having a uniquely irresistible offer your competitors do not have, will result in your business becoming the obvious choice among prospective customers.


Absence of a Proven Automated Lead Generation System

Generating new leads and acquiring customers has always been one of the greatest challenges of businesses.

Business owners often make excuses for their difficulty in generating leads, blaming the high cost of advertising, insufficient funding or poor follow-up by the sales team. 

The truth is, many professionals in the building industry do not have a predictable growth system to build an automated lead generation system that drives qualified leads which can be converted to paying customers by the sales team.

If you have struggled with prospecting to generate new leads, there’s a good chance you may not have an effective lead generation system in place.

Neglecting Long-Term Prospects

At any instance, only 2-5% of prospects will be ready to engage your services straightaway. Many prospects may be at a stage where they are gathering information and in these cases sales take longer.

It may even take a few months to a year for a prospect to enter into a contract and during this entire period it is important to build a relationship by keeping in touch with every potential customer. If you can prove to a prospect that you have their best interest in mind before they have bought from you, they will be more inclined to become your customer when the time is right. Meanwhile you build a personal relationship for future sales and a strong referral system.

There are now several tools which make it easier than ever to automate the process of connecting with customers at a low cost per customer so there’s no excuse to miss out on long-term sales.

Inefficient or Inconsistent Implementation

Growing a business requires constant marketing efforts to generate a flow of leads. Many businesses make the mistake of taking their foot off the pedal with lead generation when they have a surplus of clients.

When the projects on hand are completed, they’re faced with the task of finding new customers instead of serving the next customer on their waitlist.

Consistent and effective implementation of marketing activities requires the help of a dedicated team…

…experts who can provide several benefits that aren’t possible with an in-house marketing team.

While you may have built your company from the ground up, there’s a steep learning curve to understand how to keep up with the latest marketing strategies.

To effectively market your company, you will need advanced skills in several aspects of online marketing. A little knowledge can be dangerous as platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube change the rules constantly.

The marketing industry and online technologies are growing at a phenomenal pace and keeping up is difficult. If your attention is diverted to keeping up with current marketing practices, other aspects of your business will suffer, leading to a decline in profits.

While you could hire an in-house marketing expert, you will be spending money on an individual with limited capabilities which are no match for an entire team of marketers who are skilled in different areas from designing websites to copywriting and creating ads.

A dedicated marketing service costs your business a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house team and gives you far better results.

Marketing is a critical part of growing your business, and an expert team is a necessary investment. Experts at Sales Chocolate can help you generate all the leads you need which you or your sales team can easily convert into customers.

What our Clients are Saying

Rather than focus on website rankings and clicks, what’s important is to create an automated system to generate a consistent
stream of highly qualified leads for your business.

This automated lead generation system should be designed to attract customers In need of your services now

1. Build relationships with prospects most likely to engage your services in the future

2. That’s where Sales Chocolate comes in.


How We Will Help You Create a Growth Marketing System


Marketing Strategy Audit

Before making any recommendation, we take a deep dive into understanding your business, competitors, target market and what you’re trying to accomplish.

This is a one-on-one call over Zoom, telephone or in-person and will require approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

It’s the only part of the process which requires the most commitment of your time and the more open you are to helping us understand your business and goals, the better your results.

After this, we take over.

Once we have a clear idea about your goals, budget and marketing history, we will work on a custom marketing plan and implementation strategy.


Create Lead Capture System

The next step will be for us to design and create a highly effective lead capture system using a landing page.

This is required, so that visitors on your landing page see the value in what you offer and have the opportunity to opt-in and find out more about your services.

Once you collect these leads you will have the opportunity to engage with the visitors further and convert some of them into customers…

…and nurture the rest so that when they are ready for a construction, renovation or other project, you will be their obvious choice.

In this way you will be able to make less cold calls and minimise your reliance on referrals from customers to generate new business.

This process allows you to work smarter instead of spending hours on sales activities that require hard work, are time consuming and don’t generate the returns you seek.


Traffic Generation

Once your online marketing funnel is in place, the next step is to drive a large volume of targeted traffic to your landing page.

This will be done through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.

This will be supported through social media engagement and blog posts.


Nurturing Leads

Nurturing prospects who are likely to engage with you in the future is the key to growing your business.

We will create email campaigns with valuable content aimed at educating your prospects and providing them with industry updates. This positions you as an industry expert and keeps you on top of their minds, so they are most likely to choose you for their project when they are ready.


Tracking, Testing, Monitoring and Improving Performance

We constantly track the performance of your marketing campaigns and keep you informed of the results.

We will test alternative approaches to your advertising campaigns and make any required changes to ensure you reach your ROI targets and

This way you will know what’s working and what needs to be adjusted so you can quickly improve and scale your campaigns. Without this information, you will simply be wasting your marketing dollars.

Fast Growth With Sales Chocolate

Ready to Generate Fresh Targeted Leads for Your Business?




Take the first step to Grow Your Revenue and Boost Profits with a
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The objective of the Strategy Session is to help you understand how to increase the quantity and quality of targeted leads required to grow your business for less cost, in less time and with minimum effort.

Once you book a time for your Free Strategy Session, we will get on a call to discuss where you are in your business as well as your short-term and long-term goals. The session is usually a 30 to 60 minute video or phone call.

If you are in Auckland we can arrange to meet in person.

In preparation for the session, we will review and analyse your website, social media and ads, based on the information you provide.


Here’s What We Cover in Your Free Strategy Session:

Part 1: How to Position Your Business in the Digital Marketplace
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • Your Competition
  • Your Messaging, Offers & Guarantees
  • Your Customers Journey
Part 2: Your Existing Digital
  • Your Website
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
Part 3: Building Your
  • Why you need a marketing funnel
  • How to drive traffic to your assets
  • Nurturing leads through autoresponder and broadcast emails
Part 4: Measuring Your Returns
  • Lifetime Customer Value
  • Return On Investment
  • Your Personalised Success Plan

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How much do I have to invest for Sales
Chocolate services?

At Sales Chocolate we understand you don’t have an unlimited budget.  What sets us apart from digital marketing agencies is that we make your problem our problem and will do everything in our power to make sure your marketing dollars get you results and you achieve GROWTH

Before diving in, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • All work is quoted based on the scope of work and task required to achieve desired results
  • Based on the goals and progress of campaigns, the cost may go up or down every month. Approvals for any changes in cost will be required before we proceed with the work.
  • Our costs do not include the costs paid to advertising channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Google or other ad platforms

Digital Marketing + Implementation

  • What’s included (all or part of the following):
  • Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign development
  • Lead nurturing and email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Troubleshooting identified issues
  • Monitoring online performance
  • Conversion rate optimization

You also get:

  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Regular consultation calls

How much?

  • Digital Marketing pricing ranges anywhere from $297 per month. This depends on business goals, budget, stage of business, and scope of the work.


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